The Mysterious World of Lektros, Coke, and Our Euro Jet Secret

Posted by Gareth Danker on April 24, 2017
Let this blog be a celebration of humankind – a celebration that includes not just accomplishments, but also mysteries, and even secrets. So let’s begin with one of the great mysteries of modern day man. If you are thinking of the Colonel’s secret KFC recipe…You are wrong!… Continue reading >

Reflecting on 2016: The Mirror Family Reunion (without the t-shirts).

Posted by Gareth Danker on December 30, 2016
On December 2, 2016, a group of 120 Euro Jet employees, both past, present, and future, gathered in the ballroom of the Diplomat Hotel in Prague. Earlier in the day they had piled into the Euro Jet hangar at Prague Airport to film our holiday greeting. All of this was the culmination of 8 and a… Continue reading >

Building a Global Euro Jet Family: One Employee at a Time

Posted by Gareth Danker on November 22, 2016
Building a Global Euro Jet Family: One Employee at a Time The best feeling one can have in their professional worklife is when their team on-the-ground describes an operation that you helped to market and sell. Add to that when the ramp agent remembers the name of the passenger, the pilot, their… Continue reading >

A Super Team That is Unbreakable!

Posted by Gareth Danker on September 09, 2016
We do not see them come to work and hand over the morning shift because we are not at work yet. We do not see them leave work, because we are already gone. They are at work when our alarm clocks go off in the morning and when we brush our teeth before going to bed at night. They are at work when we… Continue reading >
Picture this… You are a Country or Station Manager for Euro Jet, having worked at the airport for most of your career. And along comes a gentleman named Jan Rasch. Suddenly your daily life of coordinating ground supervision, crew transport, and catering gets put on hold for at least a couple… Continue reading >

101 Ways to Imagine Split, Croatia

Posted by Gareth Danker on February 18, 2016
Tucked away on a corner street in Bethesda, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, DC is a gem of the creative culture that remains ever abundant in this region. For 37 years, a children’s theatre called the Imagination Stage has thrilled, entertained, and allowed for some artistic flexibility.… Continue reading >

2015: The Year I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Aviation

Posted by Gareth Danker on December 30, 2015
Here is a fun tidbit: I am a nervous flyer. Yes, this is very strange considering the fact that I have spent the better part of the last 15 years on…an airplane. Coming back from the Asia Business Aviation Conference in Shanghai this year we hit a really bad patch of turbulence right over… Continue reading >

Dispatch from the Road: “BACE” at Las Vegas, NV

Posted by Gareth Danker on November 25, 2015
I first attended the NBAA Annual Show in Las Vegas back in 2004. Thinking back, I remember being awestruck by the sheer size of the exhibition, the importance of the people attending, and the wide variety of companies and items exhibited. These are all positive attributes and it appears 11 years… Continue reading >

A Million Times in the Friendly Skies

Posted by Gareth Danker on October 20, 2015
Sometime early next year I will reach the one million mark. Unfortunately it is not the thing with the word one million I have dreamed of my whole life. Instead it is one million miles flown on United Airlines.   I started flying United in the late 90s after an abysmal experience with TWA,… Continue reading >

#eurojetintercontinental Launches an Instagram Page

Posted by Gareth Danker on June 05, 2015
Editors Note: The brains behind any logical marketing decision we make lies with Zaneta Balochova. Since she joined the marketing team a year ago, she has kept me in line, greatly improved our product, and coordinated some fantastic events. In her never ending quest to further develop our social… Continue reading >

Dispatch from the Road: Appreciating San Jose, California

Posted by Gareth Danker on February 17, 2015
Over the past few years I have been fortunate to attend many private aviation trade shows. People often ask me the same question: “Where is it?” My response is the usual name of the common convention city. Though I typically add a line about how it can really be anywhere in the world,… Continue reading >

The Euro Jet Agent Global Forum: Let Pros Play On.

Posted by Gareth Danker on January 20, 2015
I love music. I don’t care if it is Pop, Country, Hip Hop, Rap, Jazz, Blues, Classical, or Bollywood. I love it all. Have you ever wondered what makes good music? For me personally, I just know it when I hear it. Music is the single most powerful thing that connects all people, regardless of… Continue reading >

Resolving to Promote the Past for the Future

Posted by Gareth Danker on January 06, 2015
January 5, 2015 – WASHINGTON, DC No matter where you live any New Year inevitably brings resolutions that dominate the media and conversation. However, by the middle of the month they have fast fritted away into a world that will resurrect itself sometime at the end of December. I hope to… Continue reading >

Let the Magic Begin in Orlando

Posted by Gareth Danker on October 20, 2014
All eyes and Mickey ears in the world of global private aviation are focused this week on the city of Orlando. The Central Florida city is best known for its world class theme parks, nearby space program, and of course the host of frequent NBAA shows. And so a team of Euro Jets aviation… Continue reading >

Only 999 million Until A Billion……..

Posted by Gareth Danker on September 09, 2014
We are told to save a million before retirement. We hear a million reasons why not to do something. Our chances are often times one in a million. And we wish that we ONLY had a million. Whilst the naysayers regarding the relevance of one million may have Dr. Evil to back them up, we still think it… Continue reading >


Posted by Gareth Danker on July 13, 2014
When someone asks me to name my favorite city in Europe, I always respond with Budapest. Why? Well I give the same answer when people ask why all my grandparents moved to South Africa. The answer is visit and you will see for yourself. And when visiting Budapest, you can enjoy paprika flavored food… Continue reading >


Posted by Gareth Danker on May 14, 2014
It’s EBACE Time!!    For Euro Jet it is our Champions League Final. Our Superbowl. Our World Series. The European Business Aviation and Conference Exhibition, better known as EBACE “kicks off” next week in Geneva, Switzerland at the Pal Expo Convention Center. This is… Continue reading >

Exploring a Euro Jet Core Location - Constanta, Romania

Posted by Gareth Danker on May 05, 2014
A couple years ago I ran a workshop for the Euro Jet operations team where I gave them the perspective of what an American thinks of when they view the many Euro Jet core locations. Well lets test my example – if you are American, answer this question: Which city would you prefer to visit in… Continue reading >


Posted by Gareth Danker on April 02, 2014
FROM Tampa, Florida and Farnborough, England: Over the past two weeks, Euro Jet has actively participated in two major conferences. They have included the International Operators Conference (IOC) in Tampa, Florida and the Business Airport World Expo in Farnborough, England. To be quite honest (as… Continue reading >

Euro Jet Goes for the Gold Standard in Sochi

Posted by Gareth Danker on March 24, 2014
Now that the Olympics and Para Olympics are over and our “Team Sochi” Euro Jet team members are back home in their respective countries, it is time for some of them to reflect on their experience and to send a huge thank you to them from all of us at Euro Jet. Euro Jet sent a team of… Continue reading >

Euro Jet Proud To Be A Part of New Orleans This Week

Posted by Gareth Danker on January 25, 2014
Written from New Orleans, LA: As my Champion Airlines Boeing 727-200 was on final approach, I could see something terribly wrong on the ground. Houses had no roofs, and in some cases the house was just missing entirely; trees lay ripped apart; power lines were scattered and all twisted. The… Continue reading >

The Pride of Prague Airport - Our Newly Renovated FBO

Posted by Gareth Danker on October 08, 2013
WASHINGTON, DC: After a brief hiatus, the Euro Jet blog is back and will be far more active as we approach a very busy Fall Season. My goal is to keep this updated once a week, with different items and not just long stories (though it does make for some good bed time reading). See below our latest… Continue reading >

Where in the world can you say “Airplane” in 800 languages?

Posted by Gareth Danker on January 23, 2013
From time-to-time we will be featuring a guest blogger. For this blog, I am pleased to go a little off the beaten track and present aviation from another obscure location, but this time in the Southern Hemisphere. Our Euro Jet Operations Control Center staffer, plane spotter, and first class travel… Continue reading >

Not Your Typical “Year in Review”

Posted by Gareth Danker on December 31, 2012
Another New Year and another excuse for publications to post their annual 2012 Yearly Reviews. I just read the following end of year statement about the state of aviation: “A European economic slowdown caused a decrease in aviation traffic; this included many companies that were once key… Continue reading >

A Lesson in Loyalty and Dedication to Aviation

Posted by Gareth Danker on September 22, 2012
For no particular reason the blog has been quiet over the past couple months. My goal is to continuously update it weekly, even if it is just a short piece. One of the items I would like to do is article sharing, where I can provide to an audience interesting aviation articles. In light of my… Continue reading >

Formula One And Euro Jet Budapest: No Room For Error

Posted by Gareth Danker on July 20, 2012
What separates a great athlete from another is the ability to not make a mistake. Like we saw last month in the Euro Cup, the slightest misstep will cause a goal and it is that single goal that leads to victory. Please do not mention this to the Italians for a few more months, though feel free to… Continue reading >

Dispatch from the Road: Geneva, Switzerland

Posted by Gareth Danker on May 18, 2012
The concept of aerodynamics is fueled by design. Without the right fuselage, tail, and wings, lift could never be generated and several tons of tin would sit idle. So it should come as no surprise that the annual European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva this week was… Continue reading >

Dispatch from the Road: Sofia, Bulgaria

Posted by Gareth Danker on May 08, 2012
When you think of Bulgaria, what first comes to mind? No offense to Bulgarians, but most people end up saying “nothing.” Nestled above Greece and next to Turkey, the little known ancient country remains a hidden gem of Europe. Surrounded by beautiful snow capped mountains, the largest… Continue reading >

Euro Jet Featured in European Business Aviation News

Posted by Gareth Danker on April 11, 2012
As we approach the Summer months, the Euro Jet stations of Ukraine and Poland are gearing up for what will be a busy June and July as both countries' co-host the European Football Championship. We already have over 100 flights booked for the Championship and have been promoting the tournament with… Continue reading >

Dispatch from the Road: Hong Kong and Shanghai

Posted by Gareth Danker on April 04, 2012
The image of private aircraft lined-up side-by-side on the tarmac of a private airport would lead most to assume they are in Las Vegas, Orlando, or Geneva. These are the standard NBAA/EBACE convention venues for those to view, buy, charter, or just dream about owning a jet. However, last week the… Continue reading >

Dispatch from the Road: France and Switzerland

Posted by Gareth Danker on March 09, 2012
From time-to-time I will be writing a themed piece called “Dispatch from the Road.” It will just be insights and observations from my travels as I meet with customers, vendors, and our stations around-the-world.  My last trip took me around Europe to Cannes, France, then back to… Continue reading >

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane… It’s a Hungarian Pheasant?

Posted by Gareth Danker on February 14, 2012
Ten years ago I assisted with the hosting of an official NATO event at the Czech Senate Building in Prague. Like many places in Prague, it is beautifully designed with detailed frescoes that cover the walls and ceiling along with soaring crystal chandeliers. Occasionally I have a tendency to make… Continue reading >

Passion, Jet Fuel, and Some Fuzzy Slippers

Posted by Gareth Danker on January 23, 2012
One of my favorite mugs in my kitchen cabinet states “I love the Smell of Jet Fuel in the Morning.” For anyone who has worked on the ramp in aviation, you know the phrase.  This quote is all about passion. Last week aviation enthusiasts from all over the United States converged on… Continue reading >

Starbucks, Facebook, and Pristina

Posted by Gareth Danker on January 11, 2012
Unless you have been living in a cave, the following story should sound familiar… Someone walks into Starbucks and the line is long. The line will cost them an extra 3 minutes of their precious time. An outrage! They decide to go on Facebook through their mobile application and update their… Continue reading >

Ringing in the New Year with Tuna Tartar, KFC, and Slurpees

Posted by Gareth Danker on January 02, 2012
WASHINGTON, DC JANUARY 1st, 2012 During the last quarter of 2011, I logged 22 days working out of Prague in the Czech Republic. While I was fortunate to have a KFC across the street to eat dinner every night, the realization also kicked in that my arteries can only last so long. So I decided to… Continue reading >

Euro Jet's Man of the Year

Posted by Gareth Danker on December 22, 2011
What are the three most important historical events of the 20th Century? I would pick the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand, the invasion of Normandy, and the fall of Communism. While we keep saying goodbye too fast to the Greatest Generation that led the Normandy invasion, we also had to… Continue reading >

Thank you President Havel

Posted by Gareth Danker on December 18, 2011
WASHINGTON, DC – December 18, 2011 The Czech Republic lost today what George Washington was to the United States and Nelson Mandela to South Africa. Vaclav Havel died this morning at the age of 75 in Prague, Czech Republic. He served as President of the Czech Republic for over 10 years, and… Continue reading >

Is Bishkek The Next Shannon?

Posted by Gareth Danker on December 14, 2011
Ninety nine percent of the world has never heard of Bishkek. A strong argument can be made that the future of aviation lies in a place called Bishkek in the little known country of Kyrgyzstan. It has fast become the gateway city for flights from Europe and from Asia into the Central Asia region.… Continue reading >

Peace, Love, and Chicken Tikka Masala

Posted by Gareth Danker on December 10, 2011
POSTED IN FRANKFURT, GERMANY - DECEMBER 10 Last Saturday, December 3 was the annual Euro Jet Holiday Party. Any doubters about the global presence of Euro Jet would have been proven wrong. It was truly an International gathering with staff in attendance from the Balkans to the Baltics mixed in with… Continue reading >

Euro Jet: A Question of Trust

Posted by Gareth Danker on November 08, 2011
And so begins the first blog. I must admit that I never thought I would blog. When it became popular several years ago, it all seemed so foreign. So perhaps it is appropriate that something foreign is now part of my daily routine. Six weeks ago I decided to become a foreigner again and join the… Continue reading >